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  • person of interest

    jiraiya was a badass

  • brandon

    im confused about all this talk about the dubbed naturo shippuden coming out on like october or november what does that mean? can you please explain to me when does the remaining naruto shippuden dubbed episodes come out. thank you

  • PuppetMaster13579

    If i am right I think that the next episodes were going to be here around october 20 and at the latest of november, I’m pretty sure, so i sujest you might wanna find something else to keep on till then. Thats what i did… The whole thing is a drag

  • Naruto

    i miss jiraiya he was awesome

  • devon


  • toby

    I miss Toby being an idiot. It was awesome :D

  • jara

    Man u guys are missing out its the late september ok calm down and go to *.com thats were its good yeah it was cool toby was awesome naw hes serious and yes jaria sensi he was cool man made me cry

  • sonu

    atlast ITACHI UCHEA did a great sacrifice

  • jay

    Man why do they take so long to dub the episodes? I hate reading subtitles.

  • Lizzy


  • Minato9

    New batch of Naruto should be out September 25th. God i hope so :D I can’t wait for the fight with Pain.

  • dejan2001

    i 2 cant wait for the fight with pain its gonna be awesome

  • erwin

    Will there only be 1 dub episode release, or a couple together?

  • Minato9

    Anyone know why we’re getting episodes a MONTH earlier than normal? Not that there’s anything wrong with that ;)

  • zackary

    well get like 15 episodes around that time count it an episode for every week, so that makes what like 17 if Im counting correct

  • kjlbdfh

    i would laugh if the fight between naruto and pain was 1 minute long and naruto died :D

  • UCHIHA98

    Only a week till the new dubbe naruto episodes r out can’t wait

  • person of intrest

    your an ass kjlbdfh

  • umar

    NARUTO SHIPPUDEN EPISODES 154-168 IS FINNALY COMING OUT ON 25TH SEPTEMBER AT 5:00AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jay

    does any body have the real answers to when the naruto shippuden english dubs real release dates because it september 25 any it stills stops at 154

  • static

    The DVDs come out October 9. Therefore it’s safe to say they’ll be out then at the latest.

  • fahid-khalid

    Naruto Shippuden 154 english dub ma kab ahy ge aj tarek be ho ge ha plz upload ker do

  • Kunia



    Why the hell haven’t the episodes been released or put up, i need my fix!

  • UCHIHA98

    why do they have to keep delaying the new narutos. its frustratng

  • person of intrest

    ok im usually pretty level headed but people an my pug are going to suffer if I dont get my motherf**king naruto!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i apologies for my profanity

  • Me

    it will most likely air either the 15th or 22nd of this month

  • light yagami

    For fuck sake, why isnt the mods on all of these sites who claim to be the first to put these dubs up.. giveing us hourly updates. for example

    1pm: still waiting to hear from viz
    2pm: no new information but still wating to hear from viz
    3pm soon we will have the episodes
    4pm okay we have the episodes and we are just uploading them on the site
    5pm we are going to be finished by 8pm tonight
    8pm: enjoy your naruto

    Who agrees with me that the mods have poor service?

  • person of intrest

    im not trying to bash the site but naruto spot is atleast try to give updates

  • static

    October/November <– is the expected release date. If that isn’t enough for you, you’re more than welcome to stay at whatever websites are giving you all this supposed information.

  • Shikamaru Nara

    How far into November at the latest do you think the episodes would be uploaded???

  • person of intrest

    who controls dubbing rights Iwanna kick their a##

  • chosen one#1

    OK first all web sites said it would be out the October 9th and it was not, then they all said October 10th and was not, now they all just say will be out shortly, so really none of the web sites really have no idea, clearly. but i would rather have them over estimate a date then underestimate to save me the disappointment when i find out they said it would be on several days ago and it really will take a week or more longer.

  • Adeejay

    Guys i am so desperate for a new naruto but, can you imagine what we’re all gonna be like when it finally all comes to an end. There will be so many of us that will just be lost for animafun when it finally comes to a finish. Dont wish the new ones too quickly coz then they may all be done. But thankfully there still seems to be loads out there so we’ll all still be watching naruto when we’re thirty. Hopefully any way (“,)
    PS Jiraiya was the nuts.
    Hes the BEST SUPPORT CHARACTER in the show ( in my opinion anyway) Sasuke is awesome, obviously, but i see him as a second main character along side Naruto really, only support character that comes close to Jiraiya is Kakashi.

    Jiraiya death fight was amasing but it was so emotional when he died. Havnt seen a sader amine death. But then apart from DBZ i’ve never found such a great amine with such an aray of amasing characters. Hope you all agree but if not y not have some nice friendly comparison and disscussion while we wait for our next fix.

    Big love too all naruto fans out there.. And down with all the haters and Trolls!!!!!!!!!!!


  • static

    Nobody knows the exact release date. All anyone can know, is the DVD release date of the episodes, since Viz gives us that much, and we can then estimate when the episodes will be out on iTunes, since they’re released there before DVD. They should be out by the beginning of November, at the latest. They could be out this month though, so all you can do is check back and see.

  • person of intrest

    ADEEJAY I one of my freinds that watch sub naruto says not to worry their still making episodes

  • Aaron

    Whoever said he hopes we’ll still be watching naruto when we’re thirty… I think you’re insane. Sure its awesome and it’ll be sad when its over but damn I don’t want it to last forever, dbz ended and its still great to go back and re-watch

  • milkymilkshake

    Man ,, sucks ,, did they stop making them dub or something?????

  • person of intrest

    all good things must come to an end else it loses meaning/I consider myself manly but I will weap when there is no more naruto

  • anime is my drug

    still no naruto!!!!!!!

  • Naruto fansite Lurker

    Well tomorrow is tues….maybe tomorrow. I’ve been lurking here since the 11th in a effort to find out why no naruto.Ive been buying them from the playstation store and up till now they had always put them out day of dvd box set release.Starting to get worried here…

  • dogman

    No there still making them, hell you can preorder on amazon for the next dvd, though, they won’t come out till like January on there lol.

  • anime is my drug

    wtf where they at?


    I just wish it would come OUT ALREADY!!!!

  • Naruto fansite Lurker

    Yaaaaa this is getting rediculous.I refuse to watch the non english versions. I love the voice sctors.What really sucks is i bought naruto shippuden ultimate ninja storm 2 a year ago and i cant play it until i watch the new set of episodes lol

  • anime is my drug

    lol, IKR. i love the actors to and the japanese actors…………………………hmmmm

  • xbox360947

    Please tell the release date :/ !!

  • Cal

    The only release date I have seen recently is Jan 29th 2013

  • brandon heat

    ……..y no naruto………..

  • rizwan118

    i want naruto 154 to come out now

  • 1

    we’ve been lied to.

  • Nan


  • QQMesadnow

    D: why no update its past nov

  • artisanexplosion

    has anyone else noticed that it is december and no new naruto shippuden episodes are out? or is it just me?

  • Dabdu

    Why u no post updates? :((

  • 11


  • jack21

    so it’s not just me or there’s no naruto shippuden episodes for more english dub for season 8???

  • Dabdu


  • That guy who actually did research

    you are most welcome people.

    “This title will be released on January 29, 2013.”

  • shayne

    naruto shippuden box set 13 is coming out on jan 13th 2013 it includes episodes 54-66 i believe

  • shayne

    i mean januar 29th

  • Jack21

    Im expecting more naruto shippuden episodes english dub in around April. If it’s That Month.

  • ehtesham

    where i will get the new episodes of naruto shipudden english dubbed please tell me the website for english dubbed episodes of naruto